Twisting and Turning


The internet is packed with blogs, so it is unlikely that anyone will read this blog. So much the better!

One wonders about the motivation behind blogging. Much blogging appears to be pure narcissism, a form of I-am-here journalling that is focussed on the blogger's life. Some blogging deals with aspects of the world, rather than with the blogger. I find these blogs much more interesting even though I am interested in the inner lives of individuals.

This blog arises out of my discovery that, having learned to type, I like to write. More than this, I have found that I am more likely to learn if I place what I write "out there". Why? Even the possibility of being read induces more rigor in aiming for coherence or accuracy.

By "learn", I refer not to assimilating information, but to the process of reflecting upon the bigger picture and the attempt to formulate ideas about ideas. Hence "metaphilosophy".

As for feedback, I care not. This is not because I do not enjoy the back and forth of stimulating conversation. I do. Rather it is because feedback is only useful in terms of learning what to think or how to think when the other person possesses more facts or skill. This is not to say that I believe that I know more, it is merely that one cannot easily assess the skill level, and hence the credibility, of another person in cyberspace.

So, this blog will be a long and tortuous essay at deciphering philosophy – Do It Yourself Philosophy by Dummy.

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